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Custom made statues, awards and promotional gadgets


About us

Our company is passionate about glass and its ability to be transformed into beautiful custom shapes and figurines.


We offer custom-made artistic glass as well as 2D and 3D engraving of glass products. The quality of our products and the precision of our laser engraving technologies make unique and personalized awards and gifts for both individual and corporate customers.

Our 3D laser engraving technology can be applied to both 2D and 3D engravings within blocks of glass. We also make custom figurines that combine flat glass plates with glass blocks, stones, Plexiglas, silver or wood. Our skilled artists make all types of custom designs possible, the only limit being the imagination of our customers.


For our corporate customers interested in a new way to promote their brand, we have a wide range of impressive pieces. The elegance of glass, combined with state-of-the-art technology is a great tool for the building and the reinforcement of the company image or brand.


We offer a wide range of products – from 3D blocks to plaques and large pieces of glass that can form decorative interior arrangements of hotel lobbies, restaurants, offices and homes. We also offer promotional key chains that are perfect for marketing. We help our customers create their ideal statuette – whether it is made of metal or gemstone, or mounted on marble or sandstone. Each statuette is hand crafted by a skilled metal artist to meet the customer’s request. We firmly believe that there is nothing that cannot be artistically captured in three dimensions. 


Each of our products can be engraved with the text of an event, person or business and the placement of the engraving is up to the customer. The precision and the meticulous detail make our trophies unforgettable and impossible to ignore. They are unique, special and dynamic in form and designed to be placed in a trophy collection. Their durability guarantees that these statuettes will stay in the families of our clients for generations and passed down to posterity as proof of the ancestor’s achievements and skills.


Our website contains the catalogue of the products we offer. Each group of products can be found on a separate website.


We are dedicated to the production and the distribution of promotional gadgets made in crystal. The company handles both individual customers and advertising agencies.

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