About us

Our passion is glass and its beauty in various forms and shapes.

Our passion is the artistry of glass and its captivating forms and contours.

Founded from an unwavering ardor for the allure of glass, our company's journey has evolved to embrace a diverse spectrum of creative expressions. From the grace of metal and wood sculptures to the intricacies of figurines crafted from innovative materials like plastics and 3D prints, our realm knows no boundaries. This evolution has propelled us to the forefront of the business figurine industry, where individualized projects and executions take center stage.

Empowered by an expanding array of cutting-edge machinery and a robust network of trusted suppliers, our capabilities encompass an unparalleled range. We adhere to the ethos that no project is insurmountable—only challenges that can be overcome or circumvented.

To gain insight into our prowess, we extend an invitation to explore our custom project gallery—a testament to our most captivating achievements. Additionally, for a deeper understanding of the technologies underpinning our craft, we welcome you to delve into the GLASSO wiki. Here, you'll uncover comprehensive descriptions of materials and production techniques that fuel our creative alchemy.

Why Choose Us?

Because our uniqueness sets us apart.

  • In a single company, we've bundled extraordinary possibilities that defy comparison.
  • No material is beyond our creative embrace. We've seamlessly integrated even the most unconventional elements—carbon fiber, concrete, precious stones, floor panels, engine pistons, and more—into our figurines.
  • We excel in realizing the most intricate and audacious visions. A sculpture that seamlessly merges wood, metal, glass, and stone, all with an irresistible gleam? Why not?
  • Our artistry caters to visionaries of all kinds, from individual clients to the most prominent corporations and advertising agencies worldwide.
  • Welcome to an expedition of creativity without limits—an enterprise defined by innovation, excellence, and the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.
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