Custom Awards

Step into a realm where artistry thrives, sculpted forms narrate stories, and creativity knows no bounds. Our offerings transcend norms, embracing bespoke awards that breathe life into your visions, prestigious honors celebrating achievements, and innovative promotional items redefining brand presence.

From a passion for artistic expression, our journey evolved to encompass diverse materials – from timeless glass to metals, woods, 3D prints, and innovative plastics. We break boundaries, crafting pieces that resonate with individuality.

Empowered by expanding capabilities, we embrace challenges as innovation opportunities. With a comprehensive machinery park and trusted suppliers, we transform obstacles into groundbreaking solutions.

Explore our world through the project gallery, showcasing our best. Delve deeper with the GLASSO wiki, unveiling the secrets behind the enchantment.

Wherever your aspirations lead, our global offices open doors to extraordinary possibilities. In a realm where unique ideas take shape, we architect the possible.

Our Proven Method


Experience the seamless journey of transforming your vision into reality in just three steps.

Step 1

Collaborate with our talented team to transform your ideas and aspirations into reality. Let's craft custom awards and trophies that inspire awe. Your personalized rewards are meticulously tailored to your vision, budget, quantity, and timeline. This is the stage where your input shines – share inspiration, sketches, artwork, branding, personalization preferences, and messages. Let's join forces and create excellence together.

Step 2
Concepts & Designs

our satisfaction is paramount. Experience complete assurance with our complimentary reward options demonstration, tailored to your needs. Witness the award's shape, size, and color firsthand, allowing adjustments before production. Once your custom reward specifics are settled, receive your personalized price quote. Your contentment is our priority.

Step 3
Prototype & Production

If your timeline and budget allow, we're happy to craft a pre-production prototype. Alternatively, before initiating production, we'll consistently provide a comprehensive proof and detailed description of the final product for your approval. Once all the refinements for your custom awards are given the green light, production commences. Punctual delivery, adherence to your budget, and meticulous precision are guaranteed. Our mission is to exceed your expectations, ensuring your absolute delight with the end result.

Examples of our Custom Awards

Don't get stuck in trophy shops, let our designers bring your brand to life with a custom design. We design custom awards within budgets and deadlines you set.

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statuetka szklo firstenergy glasso
statuetka szklo Kanebridge glasso
statuetka szklo USTA glasso

We design with your logo in mind

Your logo speaks volumes about your organizational identity. So, why not encapsulate that uniqueness in a tailor-made award? This is the essence of our approach, Logocut. Starting with your logo or conceptual idea, we adeptly fashion an award program that resonates.

The process is swift and straightforward, catering to the demands of your most discerning clientele. Within typically 48 hours, our adept design team crafts a distinctive award concept around your logo, exceeding even the loftiest expectations.

With a three-decade track record of award-winning excellence, our unmatched quality is continually acknowledged by our peers in the industry. Our acclaim extends to design, craftsmanship, and manufacturing.

Discover the embodiment of innovation, precision, and client satisfaction through Logocut. Your distinct identity deserves no less.

How to request a design and place an order

Ordering custom awards is easier and more affordable than you might think. With over two decades of experience, we've successfully crafted thousands of unique awards. To achieve something truly exceptional, let us lead you through the journey – from initial steps and concept development to detailed renderings, final pricing, and order placement. The more information you provide, the better we can tailor the design process to your needs and budget.
Timeline:Providing the event date or fulfillment date is pivotal in orchestrating a seamless process, ensuring timely delivery of your order. If urgency is a factor, rest assured, we offer solutions tailored to tight deadlines.
Budget:Whether your budget is expansive, modest, or without limits, our range empowers us to design in alignment with your expectations.
Quantity:How many awards are you interest in ordering?
Concept:Share your initial design thoughts or preferred look. If you're unsure, our team is poised to devise a design concept that suits your needs.
Graphics & Text:Any logos, text, or photos you can provide will greatly assist us in crafting your personalized element.
Once we've gathered all essential details, along with your timeline and budget, we initiate the concept design phase and formulate an estimate. Upon choosing your ultimate design, we fine-tune the details and present a final quote, meticulously aligned with your budget and schedule.

Why Choose Custom Awards?

Custom Awards offer a versatile solution for a multitude of events, where the desire is to craft trophies cherished in perpetuity. From the award's shape, color, size, to content, every element is customizable, allowing your brand's creativity to shine, and the appreciation for recipients' efforts to radiate. Whether it's company-wide celebrations, monthly employee awards, or retirement recognition, custom awards:

Reinforce recipients' sense of appreciation, fostering loyalty.

Convey to observers that your organization values its employees.

Act as tangible endorsements for your business when displayed in offices or homes.

Designing exquisite award trophies through Glasso Group proves an astute investment for your organization. We're fervently dedicated to materializing each unique vision, delivering high-quality awards that last a lifetime.

In addition to crafting tailored awards with our design team, you might also find interest in our existing awards and honors designs, open for personalized engraving and customization with your logo.

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