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Custom made statues, awards and promotional gadgets

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Under every product, there are several icons that symbolize different technological customizations we can make for a product of your choice
szkło grawerowane laserem

This is the most precise and aesthetic method of laser engraving the glass. The engraving process takes place inside the crystal not on its surface. This method produces the best details in very high resolution of 1200 DPI (dots per inch). This is the most recommended method for most of our crystals.

szkło grawerowane laserem 3D

This is the same technology that engraves inside the crystal however; the 3D icon symbolizes crystals that enable 3D objects to be engraved inside them. Thanks to proper dimensions in three coordinates (X, Y, Z) this enables us to engrave a three dimentional object inside a given crystal statue.

Indywidualizacja dodatkową tabliczką

Customization method using metal plates or composite materials which is usually used for statues with massive bases made of rock or glass.

szkło z kolorowym nadrukiem UVG-jet

Enables us to print a color logo, text or any other object directly on the glass. We use a UV light to make it permanent. This exclusive customization is used by a handful of companies.

Indywidualizacja dodatkową tabliczką

Further customization is possible by using specialty surface marking or sandblasting techniques

symbol: MET006

Metal product: The Olympic Flame

Product ID: MET006

symbol: MET006

Metal product: The Olympic Flame

Availability: In stock


Product description:

The Olympic Flame: a metal basket with emerging flames that create a beautifully antiquated Olympic composition. The flame symbolizes the beginning and the course of world's most important sporting events. This trophy should therefore make its way to the decision-makers and the prestigious guests at sporting events.

This product is handmade by one of our artists. Any of the product's features could be altered or changed completely. We can make any size, from very small to very large. A typical size for a statuette of this type is about 12" to 14" in height.

If you cannot find a shape or a type of metal product that you are looking for, we will be happy to create a design concept for you based on photographs, description or a simple drawing.

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