Crystal Awards

Highest quality products that meet and exceed expectations of directors and decision makers of multiple industries, public institutions, cultural and sport centers, schools and corporations in the area of promotion, organization reputation. They are also ideal as custom awards, recognition trophies, corporate gifts as well as promotional marketing gadgets.

Crystal statuettes are synonyms of elegance and luxury, which is exactly why the material for their creation must be “top shelve” quality. Our company does not regard any compromise in this area. Therefore all products are custom made with the best quality optical crystal. During the production process all the crystals are subject to continuous monitoring by our staff so that only the top quality items reach our customers. An excellent team of graphic artists and designers with many years of experience create unique products with passion and commitment.


Crystal Diamond Awards

Distinctive and precise cuts and polishing embody the perfection of this extremely valuable and sought after precious stone, thanks to its unique characteristics they can become perfect gifts, prizes or awards.

Crystal Globe Awards

Geometric figures best known to mankind. Spheres are found everywhere around us and they are great elements shapes to be used for awards and statuettes ideal for sport and business industries.

Crystal Flame Awards

In literature a flame has always been a symbol of rebirth that changed in the fire and ambers, symbolizing the drive for success. Crystal flames stimulate extremely realistic and positive impact on the imagination.

Crystal Star Awards

Age-old dream of knowing distant and unattainable for man "celestial bodies" can be represented in the form of crystal stars, and therefore your company or institution, will charm and shine like stars in the sky.

Colored Crystal

The ideal selection of colors in glass artistically and aesthetically enriches a given project that is especially appreciated by those who value originality and unique compositions.

Crystal Plaques

A plaque is a perfect item when a large amount of engraving space is required to accommodate extra text or images. When lots of content needs to be engraved, plaques are ideal items to accommodate the extra text and graphics.

Obelisks / Towers

The monumental statuettes play an important role in the implementation of large and important projects for advertising and marketing with lasting value and great importance for our customers.

3D Laser Awards

Laser engraving using computer graphics in 3D technology is the most perfect way to visualize three-dimensional objects in crystal cubes allowing us to expose the finest details of your 3D objects.

Crystal clocks

A traditional symbol of transience, stability and longevity. Incorporating clocks within the glass works create unique and unforgettable gifts and awards.

Why should you choose us?

For many years, Glasso has been providing the most beautiful statue designs that are characterized by uniqueness and elegance. Thanks to our exceptional team of graphic designers and designers, who work with passion and commitment, we are able to create unique and one-of-a-kind works. We understand how important it is for you to have diverse designs, which is why our statues are available in various forms, shapes, and compositions, allowing for customization with different industries and entities, from financial to cultural. Meeting expectations, we offer a wide range of options in terms of materials and modern solutions such as 3D printing or 3D engraving.

Full substantive support

Since the first contact with our company, we offer support and professional assistance. Getting to know your expectations and ideas, as well as the role that the product should fulfill, we will advise on the selection of appropriate solutions and materials.

Individual project and visualizations

We will prepare for you an individual project that will meet previously established technical and visual assumptions. You will receive a realistic visualization, thanks to which you will be able to see your order before its production.

Guarantee of the highest quality and timeliness.

Trust our years of knowledge and experience, and we guarantee you unmatched quality and excellent execution of your unique figurines within the agreed time.

No hidden additional costs

We will provide you with a clear and transparent quote for each order from the very beginning of our cooperation. We do not charge additional fees for our substantive and design support.

What does the whole process look like?

We will help you choose

Contact us by email or phone, and our team of advisors will provide you with all necessary information and answer your questions.

We will prepare a project for you

Our graphic designers will prepare your individual project and visualization based on previously established guidelines.

We will produce

After accepting the project, we will proceed with the production of the ordered statues.

We will pack and send

The completed figurines will be carefully packed and sent to the specified address, also abroad.